Our Mission Statement

To eliminate one significant business related factor that has significant environmental impact


As we move to an increasingly digital work-space, the likelihood of carrying business-cards on a day-to-day basis decreases. We live in a digital world and yet we still rely on an old-fashioned process to present our business credentials and brand.

Buzicard was created with the notion that corporate and personal identity should be brought forward into a more digitial space appropriate for this age

Mobile First

Buzicard is a mobile service; with you all the time

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All templates are defined in a heirachical structure conforming to cm accuracy - As a result, the visual representation is identical to the design you would normal visualize with a paper product

We support the following layout standards in addition to ISO A and B Series layouts

  • ISO 216 / A874.00 mm x 52.00 mm
  • ISO 216 / B888.00 mm x 62.00 mm
  • ISO 216 / C881.00 mm x 57.00 mm
  • ISO / IEC 781085.60 mm x 53.98 mm
  • European Standard85.00 mm x 55.00 mm
  • Asia Pacific Standard (APAC)90.00 mm x 55.00 mm
  • Japan Standard91.00 mm x 55.00 mm
  • US Standard89.00 mm x 51.00 mm
  • Square74.00 mm x 74.00 mm

Service Overview

Buzicard provides 2 application services "BUZIEDIT" and "BUZICARD"


Is a FREE template designer and editor for Apple OSX (Intel & Silicon) and iPad (iOS 13.3+) enabling you to build your custom card faces without complexity or purchase of additional software


Is a mobile application for iPhone and iPad (iOS 13.3+) that enables communication between devices and facilitating the exchange of contact information in a graphical manner

Using Beacon technology, Buzicard allows for a seamless communications experience akin to standard business card presentation practices


More details coming soon!


Mirroring conventional business card purchasing processes, Buzicard allows you to buy packs (250, 1000, 2500 ...) of cards to distribute to colleagues and business acquaintances

Buzicard supports Enterprise clients whereby users are an important factor as opposed to card-volume

European GDPR Compliant

Subject to the German Government "Datenschutz" standards and European Union "GDPR" Standards, Buzicard is compliant to the highest level of data-security possible